Why Should You Get Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments

April 16, 2022

You have been working hard taking care of everybody but yourself and suddenly you stumbled upon your own reflection in the mirror and noticed signs of aging, including issues such as wrinkles, dull skin, laxity, and even scaling skin all over the body.

Although aging is a natural part of life, Medusa Aesthetics & Laser can build a treatment plan to aid with reversing or slowing the progressive signs of aging.

Adopting the proper medical grade anti-aging skincare in combination with medical anti-aging procedures is key.

These treatments and procedures are a safe new way to assist you with restoring the plumpness, smoothness, and firmness of your skin. While these techniques have been proven to be safe and beneficial, you may still have some reservations. We recommend that you schedule a consultation to discuss the correct treatment for you while voicing your questions and concerns. Our medical providers will evaluate your candidacy and provide you with the proper information to ensure your understanding and comfortability prior to receiving any procedure.

As a luxury Medspa, we utilize top-quality medical-grade products and specialize in treatments and procedures that deliver the best results. We are here to tell you all about them, so let’s get started!

What Services Do We Offer?

You will find that Medusa Aesthetics & Laser is a unique Medspa that keeps your best interest as a priority. This is why you will find the safest, the most advanced, and the best products and treatments at Medusa.

The services that we offer include vaginal rejuvenation, radio-frequency, micro needling, body contouring, muscle toning, fat reduction, laser hair removal, lash extensions, tattoo removal, chemical peels, hydrafacials, filler injections, skin resurfacing, hyperpigmentation removal, vampire facial, vampire facelift, neurotoxin injections such as botox, intimate bleaching, lash lifting, and many more. We are dedicated and devoted to catering to every concern the way you wish through continuity of care.

The Machines and Products We Use

As medical professionals in the Bay Area, we utilize products and technology that are specifically made for our richly diverse community in order to keep you safe while under our care. At Medusa, we use machines and products such as Morpheus8 by Inmode, SplendorX by Lumenis, Hydrafacial, and PRF ( not to be confused with PRP), Alastin, ZO, Vi Peel, stem cell, and many more.

Our priority is to keep you safe and informed. We know there are other places you can select to receive some of these procedures from, and in that instance consider the type & authenticity of the product and procedure you are receiving. Ask if it is compatible with your skin type and tone, your medical history, and your concerns. And most importantly, the experience and qualification of your provider.

What are the Benefits of Anti-Aging Skin Care Procedures?

At this moment you must be wondering what are the benefits of these procedures, and why you should get them done? You must also be curious to know if these procedures are worth trying or not? Well, continue to read ahead to find out more.

It is essential to know if it will all be worth it or not. Allow us to tell you all the benefits of these Anti-aging skincare treatments, and then you can decide for yourself.

  • Skin Exfoliation
    You can use millions of scrubs and masks on your face, but you might not get as promising skin exfoliation results as you would with anti-aging treatments. The treatments available range from non-invasive to minimally invasive and products to exfoliate your skin deeply.
    The reason why they provide such good results is that they make sure to penetrate all the layers of your skin while preserving healthy skin cells so that you can get the best results from the deepest roots of your skin.
  • Moisturized Skin
    The worst part of aging is dehydration. If your body is dehydrated, so is your skin. You often start to have cracked and scaling skin, especially during the seasonal changes. So, why don’t you opt for some IV hydration combined with a Hydrafacial and say hello to moisturized skin?
    Hydrafacial uses intense moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid that go deep into the roots of your skin and add water to it to bring moisturized, hydrated, and soft skin. Simply put, it brings back the moisture to your skin, and you can avoid the cracked skin for good!
    IV therapy will give you instant hydration and replace the vitamins that have been depleted.
  • Bring Back the Strength
    As we grow, so do our responsibilities, making it impossible to get to that gym. You’re at work, in a zoom meeting all day, you have to run to pick up the kids, instead of walking you have been using your Lyft and Uber pool, or you have to get to Vegas for the pool party followed by a weekend trip to a Miami nightclub but you’ve been door dashing every meal ….
    Treatments such as muscle toning can help you restore and build strength. Muscle toning treatments target different layers of your muscles by applying electric muscle stimulation, helping you achieve several thousands of crunches over a 20-minute span. The results truly speak for themselves. We recommend continuing to stay active and living a healthy lifestyle to complement your investment in this procedure.
    Don’t worry you won’t be sore after.
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
    The biggest problem with expression is getting wrinkles and fine lines all over your skin, which makes it look dull, reducing its beauty and smoothness.
    You’re ready for an anti-aging procedure. These procedures are best known for helping people deal with fine lines and wrinkles working to bring back smoother skin.
    You could use combination treatment therapies like Botox or Dysport, fillers, lasers, chemical peels, facials, threads, etc to achieve your desired results.
  • Bring the Beauty Back
    The most common reasons people seek anti-aging treatments are to restore their youthful look for themselves, for a special event, for group pictures, and Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Tinder profile pictures. While we believe that beauty is within, we agree that getting anti-aging treatments can bring out the best in you.
    You can get treatments such as body contouring, hair restoration, skin resurfacing, lash and brow lifting, botox, filler injections, laser treatments, and more. It is proven that people feel more confident after receiving aesthetic procedures thus performing better and beginning to be more outgoing.
  • Balanced Skin Tone and Texture
    As you age you lose collagen and begin to suffer from hyperpigmentation. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Our treatment plans are designed to deliver smooth, soft textured, even-toned, and hydrated skin.

Are Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments Safe?

The biggest concern while going for an anti-aging skin care treatment is safety. This is a justifiable concern, and we would say, yes, these treatments are safe. However, your participation and adherence to pre and post-care are essential for preventing undesirable effects.

So, here are some takeaways. Make sure your provider is experienced. Educate yourself on the procedure being sought out or recommended. Maintenance and consistency is essential. FOLLOW PRE and POST care and advice from your provider.

The Bottom Line

We have many hopes but aging isn’t one. Maintaining the proper anti-aging routine it will allow you to slow down the inevitable. Make sure to talk to your provider to build a treatment plan that is the best fit for you and your concerns.

We offer consultations. To secure an appointment we charge a fifty-dollar fee that can be used toward any treatment.

Call us today to book your appointment or book your appointment online. We can’t wait to meet you.

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