The Wrinkle Eraser: How Does Botox for Under Eye Lines Work?

June 30, 2023

You’ve probably heard of Botox — the miraculous injection that can straighten out the folds of your face. Be it laugh lines or under-eye wrinkles, botox can get rid of them all. Plus, since it’s so minimally invasive, you don’t even feel the needle penetrating your skin. It’s just that painless! But what exactly is Botox, and how does it work for wrinkles under the eyes? If you’re curious about this magical healing shot, then look no further. In this blog, you will find everything related to Botox and more, so keep reading to learn more.

Jelly Roll Botox: Botox For The Pesky Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

We know what you’re thinking, but no. Jelly Roll Botox is not an actual jelly that is inserted into your skin. In fact, the term is derived from eyes, more specifically, when you smile.

Have you ever noticed the small bulge or roll that forms under your eyes when you laugh or smile? The little protruding pocket of muscle is known as a “jelly roll.” Botox, in that sense, helps to relax those muscles, causing your skin to smoothen out, free of any wrinkles or lines.

How Does Botox Work for Undereye Wrinkles?

The purpose of Botox is to block your nerves from reacting in a certain way, especially the nerves that make muscles contract. And since wrinkles or lines on your face are formed by repetitive muscle movement, freezing the nerves can help erase the line, making your face look more radiant, fuller, and smooth.

Benefits of Botox For Undereye Wrinkles

One of the most obvious advantages of under-eye botox is the erasure of crow’s feet, wrinkles, and jelly rolls. Not to mention, you can even out your skin texture with a low dose of Botox in the right area.

Gone are the days when you had to apply eye cream day in and day out to see small results. Now, you can easily brighten your appearance and stay looking young forever with Botox for under-eye wrinkles. Mentioned below are some additional benefits you can look out for.

  • Tightens skin, preventing droopy muscles
  • Gets rid of under-eye wrinkles and bags in a short amount of time
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Totally painless
  • Clears out dark circles

Wrinkles Be Gone, It’s Time To Botox And Roll!

If you want to liven up your face, especially the eye area, you should look into Botox. In order to get rid of the lines and wrinkles, Botox is injected directly into the nerve muscles, clearing your skin of all signs of aging. It’s the perfect solution for dark eyes, eye bags, as well as wrinkles under your eyes. And guess what? Medusa Aesthetics & Laser Spa is here to provide you with all that you’re looking for and more. With our experienced estheticians, you won’t feel even a tiny pinch before your skin starts radiating a youthful glow. We turn frowns upside down, one Botox injection at a time.

To schedule an appointment, contact us at (833) 6338-721, or feel free to drop by our spa located at 165 Rowland Way #301, Novato, CA 94945, inside the Medical Office building connected to Sutter Hospital.

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