Ready, Set, Lose: 7 Tips on How To Start A Weight Loss Journey

July 30, 2023

Weight Loss Journey

With summer looming over our heads, the pressure of narrowing into the perfect beach body is real. But no matter how badly you might want to magically shed off the weight, that’s not how it works. In order to healthily get rid of the excess body fat, you have to brace yourself and embark on a proper weight loss journey, taking everything one step at a time. The only question is, how are you supposed to do that?

With all the different tips and tricks out there beckoning you over to the dark side, choosing a method can be difficult. That is why the best way to conquer your weight loss goals is by consulting a professional and setting a realistic target.

How To Start A Weight Loss Journey?

The very first thing you need to keep in mind is that everyone loses weight differently. Not to mention, you can’t get rid of fat in a certain area. You can, however, tone specific spots, which can give you a healthier appearance overall.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to seriously lose weight, be prepared to commit to a routine. Once you’re mentally and physically ready, you can try out the following steps to slowly start your weight loss journey.

  1. Set Realistic Goals
    Most people make the mistake of glossing over the small details and instead solely focus on the end result. While that may be good and prove you are goal-driven, it is necessary to only set small, achievable goals rather than jumping the gun.
  2. Consult a Professional
    This can seem intimidating, given how big the cloud of shame is surrounding weight loss. But an expert consultant can help you understand the reason behind weight gain and curate an in-depth program that works like a charm.
  3. Be Consistent
    No one claims that shedding weight is easy, especially not in today’s day and age, where distractions surround you left and right. But no matter how difficult it may get, do not skip a day of your routine. If you want to see fruitful results, consistency is key.
  4. Create a Meal Plan That Works for You
    Do not be fooled by what others say. You’ll see a myriad of “hacks” and “tricks” with “special miracle foods,” but there’s no guarantee they work. Talk to your weight loss consultant and only stick to a meal plan that works for you.
  5. Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated
    Hydration is an extremely important element when it comes to weight loss, especially since your body is 80% water. Drinking water and taking fluids throughout the day, no matter what form, help keep your digestion system in flux.
  6. Cut Back on Processed and Sugary Foods
    This may be hard for a lot of people, but the sooner you give up on processed snacks and foods, the faster your body will react to the weight loss methods.
  7. Maintain a Proper Sleeping Schedule
    Lack of sleep is known to increase the stress hormone “cortisol,” and when your cortisol is at an all-time high, fat tends to build up in your midsection. Thus, with a good sleeping schedule, you can regulate your weight.

Final Takeaway

Losing weight is not easy. There are numerous ways to tone your body. However, to actually make a dent in your BMI, following an appropriate weight loss technique is crucial. So, if you want to start your weight loss journey, don’t be afraid to take the leap with Medusa Aesthetics & Laser Spa. Our specialists are always here to create and customize a weight loss program that fits all your goals.

So, what’s the holdup? Give us a call today at 833-633-8721 for more information, or visit us at 165 Rowland Way #301, Novato, CA 94945, inside the Medical Office building connected to Sutter Hospital.

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